Just pop some MORE pills.... you'll be fine
more fun that eating razor blades.... seriously

Saturday, December 22, 2001

i should see myself setting out on a quest to see just how many cups of coffee are "enough." it could perhaps be a long journey, with generous amounts of research, but it might just be half worth it. or i could be wrong. i have been up for far too long. if i could just sleep for about the length of three weeks at least, i might be fine. of course, i have that protruding school in my path of destruction... this could lead to problems. i wish i had something relevant to talk about. i've just been sitting here with my thumbs up my ass, wondering what i should do. i've been sick for a week now and i lost my voice for the second time. it really sucks shit because i keep getting taunted and laughed at because of my lost speech.... not cool....
posted by Shad 6:04 PM

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